Water coming directly from the natural source

Mirabeleau’s water is being drawn directly from the source and is immediately naturally filtered through several layers of rocks, resulting in an exceptional quality of water that is clear, pleasant to taste and contains all the essential nutrients.


Spring water source

Mirabeleau supplies quality source water in bulk to Québec various bottling companies. Also, whether for demands for water to be consumed in large quantities for sports events, Mirabeleau’s spring water is of a superior quality and impeccable taste.


Ready to serve you!

Since Mirabeleau’s water has been drawn from the aquifer for more than 40 years, the water supply is since continuously renewed to keep its freshness and quality. The large production capacity of the source can thus meet large demands for source water supply as quickly as possible.


A story of generation

Mirabeleau was born of passion, know-how and expertise for the transportation of water that has been passed on from father to son since 3 generations. With Jonathan at the head of Mirabeleau, the company is committed to stand out in the field not only by its ’s commitment to stand out in the field not only ty its courteous delivery water service, but also by offering water of superior quality to its customers.

Clients with whom we have worked